Our Artists

We stock a wide range of talented and creative New Zealand artists with varying styles and mediums used in their pieces. 

Marianne Muggeridge


Marianne Muggeridge specialised in life drawing and painting at Elam School of Fine Art, where she gained her BFA in 1973. Traveled in Europe throughout the 1970's returning to NZ in 1979. In 2000 Marianne won the NZ Portrait Gallery’s inaugural National Portrait Competition, and in 2002 won the Adam/NZ Portrait Competition. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections throughout New Zealand: Te Papa, Massey University, The Royal Society and The Reserve bank. Marianne is a full-time working artist whose creative impetus is to always work from life in a variety of media. Currently living in South Taranaki with partner/artist Roger Morris. The last 11 years were spent in Wellington. Roger and Marianne have two daughters, Lucy and Myfanwy, and a granddaughter Azra Lily. Since 2012 Marianne and Roger have lived on Oeo Rd, South Taranaki   

Roger Morris


Roger Morris was born in 1954, Central Otago [Teviot] Aotearoa, NewZealand . The family lived 7 years in the high country, then down to the Clutha flat for 4 years.  His Mother, Verna (Walcott ) was a kindergarten teacher and Father, Frank Morris, a sheep farmer. In 1966 the family moved to Christchurch [high school] and Akaroa, to continue farming.  After which he, or me, since I am writing this; at 17, in a completely uninspired move and against his parents every wish- an act of rebellion and simplicity - went to Wellington in 1973 to train as a NZ Police cadet. Then as beat police, Christchurch (P4640) before traveling [OE] in 1975 to experiment in other aspects of life than being a target. 

Returning to Auckland Elam Art school for one term in 1981. 

After meeting his partner, the great NZ realist painter and screen-printer, Marianne Muggeridge, they built [our] [self-built] studio/home at the end of the Ōeo Road, south Taranaki NZ, where they [we] raised [our] their two beautiful and dynamic daughters Lucy and Myfanwy.   Roger - me - is predominantly a painter in oils.  Signing his [my] work ‘REMO’ since its easier to paint r e m o in signature than 'Roger Edward Morris' on the paintings.  This art practice is followed closely, in terms of hours spent, by the carving of Taranaki Andesite stone, large and small.  He -that is, I - have shown extensively in solo and group exhibitions since 1986.

Kirsty Meynell

Kirsty Meynell was born in Feilding and raised in Whanganui. She did 6th From Art but had not pursued any art since 1996. She joined the Army after High School and after her second tour to Afghanistan felt the urge to explore her artistic talent again. Having mainly only done pencil sketches she is now exploring different mediums such as oil paint and acrylics. She mainly enjoys painting faces, people, kiwiana and her art has a Realism look. 

The Painting has provided a therapeutic release to the stresses of her military career.

Paul Hutchinson


Often described as "the painter's painter", Paul Hutchinson has steadfastly refused to follow trends in painting. Completely self taught, he has been working full-time as an artist since he was 17, developing the skills and techniques of painting and continually exploring new mediums, most recently reviving the ancient technique of painting in encaustic wax – ground pigments mixed with molten beeswax and resins and applied hot to the canvas.

Rhonda Crawford


Rhonda is a self taught artist and co-owner of The Emporium. She loved painting as a teenager but didn't have time to pick it up until her own children had left home. She now paints mainly scenes of nature and wild-flowers, her aim is to bring attention to the small details around us such as wildflowers that we may sometimes over-look. Rhonda is currently a full-time hairdresser and paints in the weekends and whenever she gets the chance.

Fern Parmentier


Fern is a a self taught artist, she spent years teaching herself pottery, leather work, copper work, etc and ended teaching Porcelain painting for 20 years at adult education.

She then moved onto painting and teaching watercolour and oils before retiring to New Plymouth where she has concentrated on oils and enjoy painting all subjects , over the years she has won a number of awards, but really paints for her pleasure and hopes for others to enjoy.

Rebecca Beyer

Rebecca Beyer is a New Plymouth artist who works mainly with acrylics for their bright clear colours.  She is a painter and print maker.  Old-school lino printing and dry point etching are her favourites to experiment with.

Rebecca is inspired by people passing on the street, living lives we will never know anything about.  People and objects travel through her work.  We only see a small part of their journey as boats, vehicles, conveyer belts and feet move them on.  These are tiny slice of life stories where the transformation is only just glimpsed.  The observer is invited to create their own version of the tale.

Rebecca has exhibited in several galleries in Taranaki and is sometimes part of the Taranaki Arts Trail.

You can find Rebecca on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MavisandMaude

Joshua Wilson